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Talent Management arose in answer to organizations’ needs to "compete on talent."

In the latter half of the 1990s, a war for talent erupted and then clearly waned in the early 21st century, cooled by the slumping economy and global security concerns.

However, in the near future, the real battle to attract, develop, motivate and retain talent will heat up again.

The aging population— a ticking demographic time bomb—combined with greater demand for skilled workers and leaders will make talent management a top priority for organizations for decades to come.

It is therefore imperative that organizations begin to prepare today for their future talent needs.

This is going to require that companies as a whole embrace Talent Management.

W Talent Management is  specialized in International Talent Management, ranging from Talent Acquisition (Executive Search or Internal Transfers) to Talent Retention (beyond mere Comp & Bens), and covering all the stages of Talent Development, including Executive Coaching, Team Building, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Programs Development, Re-engineering of Succession and Performance Processes.

  • Pertinent fields of action : Corporate settings, SME Boards, Sports environments, Institutional and Political environments and Artistic Environments


  • Evelyne Wifvesson is the founder and Managing Director of  W Talent Management.

She has 20 years of experience spent into  global organizations in the fields of Energy,Pharmaceuticals, Transportation, Engineering and Chemicals in France and internationally,particularly in Europe and North America and also in Asia Pacific and Middle East

She has held positions as Global Operational HR Manager in specialized areas such as recruitment and staffing  /internal mobility and talent management. She enjoys 15 years of managerial experience leading significant intercultural teams.

She holds a graduate’s degree in labor law and an MBA. She has follow up  the Vincent Lenhardt  school– Transformance of professional coaching and is certified for various local and international projective assessment tools and for PNL, ericksonien hypnose, mentalism, human element of Schultz  non violent commmunication of Rozenberg.

She is member of the International Coaching Federation

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